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During a North Bend City Council work session, council members discussed the creation of a parks district to fund their pool. See, North Bend citizens voted to deprive the bloated and ineffectual city government (thanks, over-promised police and fire pensions) of about a half-million dollars per year with Measure 6-177. Instead of making cuts to police and fire like they said they were going to do, they have all but decided to close the swimming pool if they can’t come up with the money.

The city council knows that they won’t get the money they need (about $12ish/month per household) from their own citizens. So, instead, they have proposed a parks district. That would mean boundaries would be drawn (likely to include all of Coos Bay) and everybody within those boundaries would have to pay a tax to fund the North Bend pool. We should strongly reject this.

Coos Bay residents already pay for their own pool. North Bend’s inability to manage their own budget should absolutely not fall on the citizens of the surrounding areas. Stop letting these people take your hard-earned money. Furthermore, it’s high time the citizens of this area started voting out any politicians that think taking more of our money is a good idea.

Victor Davenport

Coos Bay


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