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I am frankly outraged to hear the Department of Environmental Quality is considering an exemption for natural gas power plants in the Climate Protection Program after FERC gave thumbs-down to this project. We might as well call them the Department of Environmental Destruction. This department says yes, that department says no, another one says yes, then there’s a “no.” On and on it goes. How much longer must we endure this see-saw ride?

For 17 years we’ve had this ongoing battle against a Canadian fossil fuel conglomerate that has changed its name two or three times since this nightmare began. The Climate Protection Program should work to transition Oregon off fossil fuels, investing in a clean energy future, not provide exemptions for natural gas power plants such as this proposed monstrosity. Why must Coos County get stuck with the dubious distinction of being the biggest polluter in the state of Oregon? What about the structural integrity of the landscape? What about the threat this poses to those homeowners unlucky enough to be situated along the pathway of the proposed pipeline?

One out of every 10 tons of climate pollution comes from gas-burning power plants. Given the threat global warming poses, to life on this planet and our survival as a species, an LNG facility here is all we need. If Oregon is serious about acting on climate, natural gas power plants and all big polluters need to be kept at bay by the Climate Protection Program, not given a free pass to invade our town, desecrate our land, destroy my neighbors’ homes and others’ livelihoods, and stick us with this humungous eyesore.

Scientists say we must cut emissions in half by 2030. That’s less than 10 years we have to get it together. Isn’t it time we get in step with the 21st Century, and put a stop to this insanity? To that end, the Climate Protection Program needs to be strong. To do its job effectively, the DEQ must keep all of Oregon’s largest polluters within the jurisdiction of the Climate Protection Program.

Doro Reeves

Coos Bay


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