Letter to the Editor

To North Bend City Council

When I walk in Ferry Street Park I see signs asking for input on frisbee golf. I have written twice regarding my experiences in the park and feelings on the issue. Unfortunately, it seems clear to me that you are proceeding with this project and that any time spent speaking in opposition is useless. After this last statement I will stop wasting my time.

My walks in the park during this “trial period” have resulted in some observations that might help you in composing new signage for the repurposed city park as follows.

Welcome to Ferry Street Frisbee Park

1. By entering the park you assume the risk of being struck by flying disks. Although the course is defined, wind conditions and player skills make the entire park “in play.” Disks are thrown across paths in some areas. A warning of “fore” means duck and cover. Helmets are suggested, especially for seniors and small children. If you are injured, please contact the city of North Bend.

2. Smoking is allowed in the park. Please police your butts to protect wildlife and visual blight.

3. Golfers are allowed to damage flora during their game if needed. Other guests are expected to refrain from such damage.

I hope these suggestions are helpful. As a lifelong resident of North Bend, I do want good things for our city. I am sad we are losing the wonderful family park that has been so thoughtfully and lovingly developed over the years.

Thankfully, Mingus Park will provide a child friendly space for my Godchildren and I. Both Mingus and the Coos Bay Boardwalk are safe and beautiful places for seniors such as myself to walk. I will miss the quiet beauty of Ferry Park forest and my stroll through downtown North Bend to get there, but it’s not worth the stress of dodging flying objects and walking through cigarette stink. Sadly, it is no longer a pleasure to visit Ferry Street Park.


Jill Hayner-Thompson

North Bend


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