With the death of Jordan Cove gas project, let us take a moment to reexamine the opportunity(s) Montana coal export offers the Coos Bay community.

Montana has decades of coal available for export. Places like noncommunist Tawain have a demand and trade center for said coal, and Coos Bay has an under-utilized port with a rail link to Montana coal. The hang up is government that sees no political advantage in maximizing Coos Bay's port in this way.

I bet a state like Idaho would maximize its use of a port like Coos Bay, they might even desire a railroad that more directly connected Boise, Montana, and international ports like Coos Bay. The federal government might even find a roadway capable of exporting decades worth of Montana coal, that helps to reduce the national debt/trade imbalances, and provides long-term family employment, worthy of its eminence.

A'eron Blackman



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