Ultra right conservative viewpoints do not constitute majority thinking in this country. History has demonstrated that such thinking put into practice (anti-mask, anti-vaccination and denial of climate change being examples) is invariably destructive of the lives and physical and economic health of most Americans. Right now, we are 14 months away from becoming a fascist nation ruled by a soulless party committed entirely to the seizure and maintenance of dictatorial power.

During my lifetime the, GOP has always been a white male, Christian, corporation-directed party. Its office holders have been rewarded handsomely for promoting and protecting the interests of their wealthy donors. It can not dare to say to ordinary citizens, “You don’t matter because your well being clashes with what the Koch brothers, Exxon, Chevron, the pharmaceutical industry, and most large corporations demand.” Instead, Republican officials and their media mouthpieces lie, incessantly. The Democratic Party is evil incarnate. They will destroy our beloved country. With their costly economic programs, do you really really want – horrors – Socialism? The debt! The debt! Why, tax cuts for the rich grow the economy, create jobs. You, too, will benefit. (Never mind that your income has remained stagnant for decades. Never mind that so many Americans are destitute, about to be evicted, already homeless.)

Complementing GOP lies is the party’s use of wedge issues. They shape and intensify white Americans’ existing resentments, fears and prejudices. Dems want abortion on demand. Biden’s gonna get your guns. Illegals are streaming across our borders. Blacks are gonna take your jobs and ransack your neighborhoods. God and our way of life are going to be erased.

Same old, still same old. Now much more. Democracies don’t survive when dishonest politicians count the vote.

Harold Titus



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