Your Coos Bay residential neighborhood which has never been intended, planned, zoned or developed to be commercial tourist and visitor destination, is being considered for the development over the next 1-7 years as sites for national chain tourist STVR mini motels for 900 to near 2,000 or more tourist/strangers during just the peak tourist season next door to you and your family or on your residential street.

This is the planning policy direction that local special interest and national motel chains are pushing our city to approve. National chain STVR mini motels at a 300 foot intervals in zoned family residential neighborhoods is what is currently being considered, for your residential neighborhood. Someone thinks so little of you and your family’s quality of life that they want to turn your neighborhood into a tourist destination.

Every aspect of this commercial mini motel development project is seriously flawed. It is apparent that a special interest is driving the policy proposal, in residentially zoned neighborhoods and quickly write off and ignore the concerns of families, workers and employers about the profoundly negative impacts of making residential neighborhoods a tourist destination. The message is “trust us we will get it right” you will not even notice 900 to 2,000 or more tourists in your neighborhood or on your street. Some development visionary has the idea that your quiet residential neighborhood would so much better with 400 -1,000 more tourist vehicle trips through it, and parking that blocks mail boxes, driveways and fire hydrants and high-speed traffic by people who have no buy in to this community is really not going to be any problem. More traffic, parking hassles, trash and noise at all hours of the night from a commercial unstaffed STVR mini motel, we all really need that in our zoned family residential neighborhoods.

Our city appears to be glossing over clearly identified issues with housing availability and the ongoing worker housing shortage, at all entry levels, so it can get motel rooms. It appears that city hall does not support housing families or for employers who contribute to this community.

James Behrends

Coos Boy


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