In their September 13 edition, National Review printed an article entitled "Biden's Blunders."  They did an excellent job of identifying and explaining his policy failures. First and foremost was his lack of foresight in anticipating the humanitarian crisis that would follow his precipitous withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan.

 As one of his first actions as president, Biden made it a point to undo Trump's "cruel" but effective immigration policies. The almost immediate result was the immigration crisis we are now experiencing and it's cruel humanitarian outcomes. In the 2020 elections, the Democrats touted their ability to control the pandemic and after implementing the vaccine developed through the encouragement of the Trump Administration and they and Biden seemed to be doing it. Then came the Delta variant. The economy was never a strong point for Biden and the Democrats but uncontrolled spending brought inflation and cost of living increases that have caused many of the people who voted for him to question his competence. The progressives and Biden are still at it with their $3.5 trillion - plus Build Back Better Act they are trying to force through Congress right now.

Tired of this? There is more: climate change, racial inequity, critical race theory, large increases in crime (defund police??). National Review finished their article with this quote from Barack Obama: "Don't underestimate Joe's ability to mess things up". The liberal media did not report this to us.

James Nielsen



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