Letter to the Editor

I’ve been amazed at the good people of this area who feel wearing a mask to prevent contracting or spreading the COVID-19 virus is somehow infringing on their personal liberty. Do we need to be reminded that this pandemic applies to all of humankind globally? Is it therefore unreasonable to try to take appropriate actions to slow and eventually stop the virus spread when lives and the economy are threatened?

I do recognize that, as individuals in this society, we must keep constant awareness of encroachment by the government of eroding our rights. To me, the issue at hand is what obligation does the individual owe to the health and prosperity of the community one resides in or travels to? Does placing temporary restrictions on social behavior really amount to Nazi mandates? Is it tyranny to restrict driving through a school zone to 20 mph?

No one wants to return to a work or learning environment where there is a high chance of being infected and continuing the spread of this scourge. A return to maskless indoor gatherings and a growing economy cannot occur until this virus is controlled.

Terry Moore

North Bend


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