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I am writing in response to an article I read on The World website titled “Love One Another.” I would like to give my point of view in regard to Ms. Davenport’s letter.

If she believes in the First Amendment and civil rights/liberties, why does she have to be “disturbed” by someone else’s views and what they choose to display on their private property? I am a Mexican-American woman; I do not feel attacked one bit by any of the flags you are speaking of. I’m definitely not part of the “white privilege/nationalism/government/tradition/supremacy” she mentions, nor I do not see any racism whatsoever to any of this.

I’m a little clueless of Ms. Davenport connecting the LGBTQ community, as I don’t view any of those flags as singling out a specific sexual orientation. The most absurd comment of all, “My ‘guess’ is that black people are less than dogs and should be shot (?).” Have you actually spoken to whomever lives there to ask what the meaning is to each flag, or do you just ‘guess’ the flags are hateful/racist rhetoric? Has it ever occurred to you that maybe someone who lives there is another race other than “white” or just a ‘guess’?

This letter is purely speculation by Ms. Davenport and assumptions and honestly targeting who lives there. Maybe you need to practice your comment of “Love one another” and realize not everyone believes what you do, and you need to practice “agree to disagree.” It would be a pretty cut and dry world if we had the same opinions, beliefs and thoughts. The United States of America allows us these freedoms, therefore if you are so offended and disturbed, you might want to take another route to get where you are going.

Casandra Garcia

Smith River


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