Rather than a slower pace, how about the airport not cut the trees and not erect fencing.

The airport land management plan on the website implies more than just 26 trees in the article and I quote:

For informational purposes only: “The District will be removing all mature, diseased and dying trees. During this time, access to the area will be restricted. The removal of the trees will minimize risk for personal injury and allow continued use of trails and parks on the property. Signs will be posted along the trail ways and at trailheads.” https://cooscountyairportdistrict.com/land-management-plan/

The fencing proposal is shown on the map on this webpage, and this horrible and is totally detrimental to the neighbors and the North Bend/Coos Bay community. The fencing plan is for areas not part of airport operations including the for-profit private industrial park. I do not understand why a $2 million grant is being used for this fence. Access to the fenced in trail will be from Airport Lane only as it’s not detailed whether it will dead end at the new gated community on the Coos Bay/North Bend city line.

My wife has walked this trail for over three years and has never seen any sign of homelessness, and she wonders when they are going to clean up the mess from the brush removal. My research is that the airport is community owned and is not FAA property.

It can be a win-win, In Bothell, Washington and other cities, industrial parks have been put in that are extremely people and neighbor friendly with nice trees and landscaping and no perimeter fences, nice walking/bike trails and good neighborly behavior.

In my opinion this tree clearing, ugly fencing plan should be permanently scrapped and forgotten as it’s detrimental to the people of Coos Bay and North Bend and it breeds distrust and hostility.

Mike Powter

Coos Bay


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