Is it ok for Jack Hoffman to provide half-truths, misinformation, and false allegations in attempt to mislead the community regarding Hauser RFPD. In his letter printed on 3/17/2023 he made numerous allegations regarding surplus monies, no spending plans, and no improvement in community protections which are far from the truth. I have attended many of the same monthly Hauser Fire Board meetings as Mr. Hoffman, including the Budget committee, annual audit, and Fire/EMS trainings over the past couple years, and the reports and minutes of said meetings disclose quite the opposite of Mr. Hoffman’s portrayals. Their plans, money obligations, and improvements in Fire, Medical and Disaster Planning are all well documented. I have seen nothing but selfless acts and altruistic contributions made to and for the community of Hauser by their Fire Department, the Budget Committee, and its Board Members.

I can only assume that Jack Hoffman is intentionally attempting to mislead the Hauser Community in his letter to the editor as an attempt to secure a seat on the Hauser RFPD Board. Please talk with your Fire Board Members, your Budget Committee, your Fire Chief, and the volunteer members of your fire department for the truth in accounting and the direction of your fire department. Show up for the monthly board meetings to hear and be a part of the Hauser’s RFPD future. With the upcoming election for the Hauser RFPD Board of Directors, I encourage Hauser RFPD residents to factually and objectively choose your representatives.


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