Letter to the Editor

My purpose in writing this letter is to express my support for HB 2021 as was recently reported on in the OPB article "Oregon’s big climate bill of 2021 generates little friction" by Dirk VanderHart.

100% Clean Energy for All (HB 2021) is part of the Oregon Clean Energy Opportunity campaign and calls for carbon emissions-free electricity by 2040. The bill also allocates funds for community-based energy projects that will provide good jobs with good wages and sound labor standards.

The transition to clean energy is unavoidable and has been proven to work. I envision as healthy of a future as possible for generations to come and it’s vital that we take these steps now. HB 2021 is an opportunity to take this necessary action that will benefit all Oregonians, particularly communities that are most vulnerable.

The 100% Clean Energy for All Bill is also an excellent economic opportunity. My community on the south coast will benefit greatly from the transition to clean energy through good local jobs, sustainable businesses and lower energy costs. Additionally, this bill will help to reduce the coast's reliance on outside energy, increasing our communities’ independence and resilience in the face of natural disasters.

Our legislators should vote yes on HB 2021 to help improve the quality of life of their constituents. Let Representatives David Brock Smith and Boomer Wright know that the South Coast wants Clean Energy for All.

Abigail Oberg

Coos Bay


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