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I'm very disappointed in Coos Health and Wellness. When vaccines started to become a real possibility against COVID, we were told to register with our county department for vaccine distribution information. I went to the site and read that they would "contact you when vaccine appointments become available for your eligibility group." I registered as asked and waited for information. Under state guidelines, I was eligible to receive any available vaccine in early days of the process, so I expected to hear from them.

While waiting, a number of people were calling all possible available avenues for vaccine. I thought of the hundreds of calls they must receive and didn't want to burden our already overworked health care people. I was registered with Coos Health and Wellness. They would notify me about vaccine availability.

Maybe I misunderstood. Maybe they just gather data. Maybe they just put out news briefs about that data. Maybe they've never tried to get vaccine at all. I became confused about their function because those who were making all those phone calls were having success in making appointments. I finally got mine at Coquille General Hospital...and an appointment for my second shot. I'm still waiting for any information from Coos Health and Wellness. I wonder how long it will take for them to get information to me and to you?

Judith Luchi

North Bend


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