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At the most recent Coos Bay City Council meeting, the council unanimously voted to enact a $1.2 million cost-share agreement between a private developer and the city. To develop land to build more housing, the developer wants the taxpayers to cover some of the sewer costs. A cost share agreement is a euphemism for your city council giving a rich guy over a million dollars for his own for-profit enterprise.

This agreement is tantamount to every man, woman and child in the city forking over about $80 to an already-wealthy developer. Any of you guys aching to donate $80 to a millionaire? I'm not. It takes me all day to earn $80, and I'd rather not hand it over to some well-connected plutocrat I don't even know, but I guess I am selfish like that.

As an aside, where was The World Newspaper on this? Why do I, a clerk at a convenience store, have to bring this to peoples' attention by writing a letter? Why do your subscribers even subscribe to a (very expensive, given what we receive) newspaper if you can't even bother to deliver news about a million dollars the city pledged to give away? But, I digress...

We need more housing, you say. Correct, and if he wants to build it, let him do it at his expense. If we wanted to contribute to it, we would become investors; we shouldn't be forced to become donors. Instead, the city should agree to the cost share, but the city gets 20% off the top until the $1.2 million is repaid, and then 10% off the top in perpetuity. Did the city "leaders" even think to ask for something in return for our money?

Going along to get along. That's our city's governmental ethos. After all, what's a million dollars between friends? I mean, it's just the taxpayers' money, right? Certainly this rich landlord's for-profit development is more important than fixing the area's aleady-crumbling infrastructure. Since everybody on the council went along with this, they all need to be voted out.

Dale Ornauer

Coos Bay


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