When I saw a photo in The World last Friday of a kid holding up a sign that said, “My Body, My Choice,” I thought he was referring to Texas’s Republican war against women. Another sign of a protestor on the Boardwalk said “Stand Up Now for Medical Freedom.”

In the meantime unvaccinated COVID patients are clogging our hospitals because they won’t get shots that would prevent them fom getting sick. The freedom that the guy wanted, I guess, is to choose to die.

The hypocrisy of the “My Body, My Choice” people was futher shown by a sign that concluded “Nurses have Rights.” Yes, they do. They have the right to choose to be vaccinated and work, or find another job.

I’d always thought the first job of nurses was to protect and care for patients. Being a possible carrier of a very infectious disease is not being protective. Typhoid Mary was not allowed to be near people. Why should people who may be infected with a disease worse than typhoid be allowed in a hospital?

Much credit goes to the vaccinated nurses, doctors and other medical staff who have put in long hours to save people sick with COVID. Oregon hospitals are full, however, of people who shouldn’t be there because they refused to be vaccinated. Responsible people would consider their role in this society and protect others in the country from this disease.

We do that already with shots for kids who go to public schools.  Teachers, other school employees and students are protected by required shots now for tetanus, diphpheria, whooping cough, mumps, measles, chickenpox, rubella, and hepatitis A and B. Adding COVID shots that have been proven extremely effective for everyone will make schools and our world a much safer place.

70% of US citizens are now vaccinated, but 95% of those currently sick with COVID in hospitals are unvaccinated. What a waste of time, energy and lives.  We can’t allow a radicalized minority that is anti-science and anti-reason to drive policymaking in this free country.

Ralph W. Mohr

Coos Bay


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