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Have you checked on your oldest loved ones recently? A few days ago, I was shopping in Walmart, and I noticed a little tiny old lady trying to push a heavy shopping cart that she could barely get down the aisle. So, I asked if I could help her get it to a checkout line and she obliged me. So, as we stood there talking and I unloaded her cart for her, she told me her name and that she was 91 years old, and admitted that this cart was too heavy and this is just too much to do for her now that she's so frail. I asked where her grandchildren were and she said they were busy.

And I get that, I was busy sometimes when I should have taken the time to check to see if my grandma was doing OK. Or checked if she needed somebody to come do the shopping with her. Old people in our society are forgotten, they're looked over a lot. We need to remember that they are precious and should be treated as such.

It broke my heart in two thinking if this was one of my grandmothers trying with all her might and dignity to push a full grocery cart not asking for help, but what if somebody didn't ask my lovely new friend if she needed help? What then? I'm ashamed and embarrassed about how many people just watched her struggle. I made a new friend that day, I gave her my phone number and told her to call me whenever she needed somebody to help her shop. I sat there and listened to her in line tell her stories. What a beautiful soul. I was lucky to have met her.

I'm telling you, nobody's ever too busy to just take five minutes help somebody. We need it more than ever in this world right now. I still have hope for humanity. One day soon enough I'll be 91, and I sure hope that somebody would offer to help me. Do something good for someone today.

Christy Ashcraft

Coos Bay


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