Letter to the Editor

I think we owe local store, gas station and similar establishment employees a huge thanks for putting their lives on the line to come face to face with the general public as we strove to fill or tummies, our tanks and, as importantly, our minds as we selected reading and craft materials during this pandemic.

These are not government or white-collar people, many who stayed behind locked doors, but our friends and neighbors who are still struggling with lack of child care, homeschooling their children and perhaps assuming daily care of at risk loved ones. Let's not tar all of them with the brush as we paint people as leeches not willing to go back to work, never mind the child care, the schooling and and who knows what other issues not yet resolved.

Let us remind ourselves of the risk to these people who have been there for all of us. And let us be thankful for those establishments that posted earlier shopping hours for those greatest risk to be able to shop in less crowded aisles.

Charlotte Koepke

Coos Bay


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