I recently had a chance to chat with our state senator, Arnie Roblan, at a town hall meeting. I was encouraged by the concern he has, as I do, for our port, its potential, and the history of opportunities that have come its way only to be blocked and negated.

He is well aware of the situation our country finds itself in regarding jobs and the lack there of, also the frustration of the limited use of the only deep water port in the state. Senator Roblan realizes that times have changed when it comes to ocean going vessels. Because of the size of the rail bridge, we're limited as to the size of the ships coming into the bay for cargo. This is why the spit area west of the rail bridge is so important for the need to accommodate much larger vessels.

And now, again, with Jordan Cove, we find ourselves with an opportunity for making Coos Bay, North Bend progressive, prosperous towns. And now, again, we find ourselves embroiled in the same negative attitudes that have plagued this area for decades. However, this time we seem to have a company that won't tuck its tail between its legs and wimp out of town like so many others have done. I hope they remain strong.

While it's true they have hit a few bumps in the road, the company has stated that the project is still on track and progressing through the regulatory process. If you're like me, $2.8 million a year for schools, over $280,000 a year to local fire districts and over $6,000 a year for county government and infrastructure, sounds pretty darn good! Wouldn't it be nice to have towns where our schools are up to date and safe and where our kids can find jobs? If you want this to succeed, now is the time to let your voice be heard. Let's get this one across the goal line by submitting a letter in support to FERC, now while they're reviewing a permit. It's easy. Go online, like I did, at jordancovelng.com.

Lois Buerer


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