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The 2018 midterms have seemingly tipped the scales for Democrats. Very many Democrats with progressive ideals have won, and many historic moments occurred on Tuesday, including eight women of color elected to Congress, as well as the first two native women elected.

Locally, Kate Brown, Peter DeFazio, and Caddy all were re-elected. John Sweet won over perhaps the only anti-LNG candidate I know of, and that was Katy Eymann. I was a volunteer for Katy Eymann, because I saw in her progressive values that many local politicians don't display. Of course, I'll be supporting her again in 2020, when I can vote.

I did not support Caddy McKeown. I've had brief conversations with her and have attended a couple town halls and I will say she has done things that are good, but I don't think she's the type of Democrat this district needs.

Caddy won re-election because she had the money to do so, albeit some of the money was from the communities she represents. She also took money from NRA, Koch brothers, Jordan Cove LLC (an American subsidiary of Canadian Pembina), and plenty of PAC money. She and Grier were not that different, and the only thing worse about Grier was her disgusting stance on 105. Caddy is Republican-lite, and her opponent in May's primary, Mark Daily, was a far better pick for representative than Caddy.

Expressing these sentiments now after the election seems redundant, but why I'm writing this is because I am pleading the voters, whether you voted for McKeown or Grier, consider having a progressive candidate in 2020 instead.

By progressive, I mean one that values our environment enough to prevent a pipeline going through it, one that supports small businesses, not bow for big lobby groups and corporations, one that presents innovative, green ideas to the area to help it grow and who invests in tourism instead of supporting shady fossil fuel companies. I know the fate of Jordan Cove is mostly in the hands of FERC, but Merkley opposes the project, so do DeFazio, McKeown, Brown, Wyden, they can all oppose it too.

If they don't, let's envision a progressive future for ourselves, and we'll run a better candidate in 2020.

I'm calling out to the community, consider progressive ideas!!!

Caddy says "I've learned some things don't change", but I don't believe so. I believe if we push, we can change anything.

Cameron Langley

Coos Bay

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