Compliments for Oregon for voting for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. And just as important, compliments for Oregon voters who came out in droves, Republicans and Democrats. 88% of both parties voted. New records for both.

Compliments also for the vast majority of Oregon citizens who are still wearing masks in stores, at the post office, and even on streets walking. I have heard stories of grocery store clerks being harassed by people not wearing masks. Masks do not just protect the wearer. They protect the postal clerk, the store clerk, the cashier — anyone who meets the public during the day. We all need to continue wearing our masks.

Sympathy for Governor Kate Brown who has kept Oregon people safe from COVID-19. She has said, “My job is to protect Oregon lives.” She is doing that, even though some people object to such draconian edicts.

The evidence of how well Governor Brown’s past edicts have worked is in national statistics. Oregon is fifth from the bottom in deaths per thousand in states. Only Hawaii, Alaska, Vermont and Maine are less.

Coos County has been excellent in avoiding the worst of COVID-19. Now we need to be careful over the Thanksgiving celebrations. We need no superspreader events locally.

Remember, please, the old line from John Donne: “Do not ask for whom the bell tolls. It tolls for thee.” Every life saved by wearing a mask and avoiding crowded conditions is worth saving.

Ralph Mohr

Coos Bay


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