Fifty two years ago, forward thinking leaders passed a bill that established public ownership of land along the Oregon Coast from the water up to 16 vertical feet above the low tide mark. It was for all Oregonians ... The Beach Bill.

Forty eight years ago, in 1971, the ‘Bottle Bill’ became law. Both the ‘Beach & Bottle’ bills were designed to keep our environment clean and available to all.

I have been an Oregon resident for 72 years and grew up playing, rowing, crabbing, fishing, and loving the bay. After high school I moved to Ashland and graduated from Southern Oregon College. I’ve camped, fished, hiked, boated, rafted, and hunted along many of the proposed 229-mile pipeline.

As I studied the details and the pros and cons of the Jordan Cove Proposal, I considered the environmental impact of this proposal; it became clear that the risks far outweigh the benefits. Salmon, shad, steelhead, striped bass and sturgeon, to name a few, are dependent on us to protect and preserve their long standing habitat.

I urge all of us to keep Oregon green, clean, and pristine. It is critical that we protect and preserve the bay, estuaries, forests, rivers, streams, private property, and ALL life that would be negatively affected by the Jordan Cove Project. Our nest (this fragile planet) is at a tipping point. Every decision we humans make must keep future generations as the top priority. I strongly oppose this project and I encourage you to do the same.

Ted Loftus


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