As I begin to write about a public servant, I want you to really know, it is clear to me the same worn words used for many can never describe the dedication of Joe Benetti. As a popular downtown business owner for years, providing the best Italian food you could find anywhere, Joe’s establishment was filled with repeat customers, families who chose Benetti’s Italian Restaurant for their special celebrations and couples on their first date. This was not by accident nor was it just the food. They came for the warm welcome they felt and where everyone was treated the same and the owner wanted the experience to add that special something to their lives. He cared and they felt it.

Just as Joe knows the ingredients it takes for a gourmet meal; he knows the recipe for successful run city where the Mayor desires all people to have opportunities to succeed in the city he loves.

But there’s more. No one knows all the good deeds and kindness that Joe Benetti has done for people who needed a hand up or a warm meal. He would never tell you, but I can. This generous heart for people and good business sense have made Joe Benetti a different kind of public servant, the kind so badly needed in public life today. Added to his proven ability to work with people of diverse opinions make him the best choice to lead in challenging times.

Having experienced the steady loyalty of Joe Benetti as my Mayor pro tem for four terms and seeing his sincere respect for the citizens he represented, gives me the reassurance to encourage your vote for someone with your best interest at heart. Joe Benetti for Mayor of Coos Bay.

Joanne Verger

Oregon State Senator, Retired



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