Regardless of the intentional or unintentional false information being spread throughout our community and on the opinion pages of local newspapers, Jordan Cove actually continues to make significant progress in receiving its local land use permits, while growing the prospect of our local employment opportunities.

You may have seen that Jordan Cove’s eel grass mitigation application was approved by the Coos Bay City Council without appeal, a clear sign that the Project is meeting all necessary requirements to receive the applicable permits, fulfilling the commitment of its owners to meet the high standards set by the City and the County (as well as state and federal) for regulation and permitting.

Next up in front of the Coos Bay City Councilors is Jordan Cove’s NRI land use application that will be reviewed on Jan. 7. This application is consistent with the other three NRI approvals the project has already received from Coos County and should also, without question, be approved. Jordan Cove has met all the criteria for the application, received a recommended approval from the Planning Commission, and provided plenty of time for the City Council to review their application. It goes without saying that this NRI application, like the three that came before it, should be approved in order to complete Jordan Cove’s local permitting approvals.

We have lost connection with what our Port/Bay Channel was meant to be — a tool for all of our prosperity. Jordan Cove will enhance this area’s future growth and success. It is time to stand and build our future, rather than depend on the State.

Tom Burdett

North Bend

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