Dick Leshley said (The World, Feb 9) "If they meet or exceed the permit requirements, then they must be allowed to build." What I read into that is that no matter which side one is on the meeting, hearings, letters, etc., have been just feel good but really have had no real value.

Steve Scheer (same issue) seems to confirm my understanding that Jordan Cove will not be paying property taxes which normally goes to schools, roads, law enforcement, etc., as directed by our county commissioners but will instead pay a fee which will be administered by some committee over which taxpayers have no control since those on the committee are not elected by voters. Perhaps Tom Burdett would explain to us what is in that agreement that benefits us more than property tax revenues and what is the benefit to Jordan Cove to pay the fee instead of being a good neighbor and paying their fair share of taxes just like the rest of us.

Charlotte Koepke

Coos Bay

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