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The television ads for Jordan Cove Energy Project should come with a disclaimer like those mandated for pharmaceuticals. The list would be long and say side-effects include: damage to our air and water, eminent domain rights for Canadians over American landowners, safety risks from an overdue earthquake/tsunami event, a boom/bust economic cycle, unaffordable rent, traffic problems, policing issues, bay use restriction for shipping and recreation, damage to the oyster industry, and a gas leak, fire, or explosion which would mean necessary evacuation of a sizable population along with closing Highway 101.

They should say JCEP will have burn-off towers that put our airport traffic at risk. Add the LNG terminal will be ugly. This sprawling facility will be the first thing tourists and rich golfers see flying into our scenic Coos Bay area.

Pembina hired a public relations firm for printed and media propaganda. It was prevalent during our recent election, which shouldn’t have included interference from a Canadian corporation. The results of that election confirm local opposition has grown over the years. With climate change looming over seven billion people on this planet, it’s obvious those fighting the Jordan Cove Project are doing so in larger numbers.

Pembina has a real nightmare to face, because the opposition got together, got organized, and got informed. When you catch one of the TV spots or get a mailer, please notice the beauty they use as a backdrop, because a backdrop is all our precious bay and southern Oregon is to the Canadian Pembina Corporation. It’s only about profit and the means to send their polluting fossil fuel across an already stressed planet. Ads exploiting Oregon’s scenery just make people want even more to fight for their environment.

An interesting development has occurred in Kitimat, British Columbia; a project called LNG Canada will be exporting. It’s twice the size of JCEP. There are five major players with some owners also being the gas purchasers. Most importantly they have made a Final Investment Decision. It’s a done-deal. The "brownfield" location makes sense. None of this is true of the Jordan Cove Project. There are no partners and no iron-clad long-term contracts. Their permits are not a given, and regarding safety it’s the worst "greenfield" location ever picked for a terminal and pipeline. Canadian Pembina Corporation has the gas problem. Oregon doesn’t deserve to get their side-effects.

Janice Williams

North Bend

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