We are being bullied and lied to as well. Am I referring to the current temporary occupant of OUR White House? Nope. I am talking again about a Canadian oil and gas conglomerate and those who support its construction on the irreplaceable Oregon Coast.

On Sept. 10, yet another small aircraft crashed into a building adjacent to the runway it was using. Luckily and thankfully all survived and the building was not a massive storage facility for LNG. Why do people support this? Greed and personal wealth, be it here locally, Colorado, Alberta, of Timbuktu.

Any sane person can see this as a dangerous, destructive, and temporary faux solution to long term problems. This is not going to create the jobs we are being told it will create. It will obviously not be environmentally beneficial to our rivers and bay. It will not reduce China's decision to increase coal consumption. It will destroy something that can never be brought back and place the communities of North Bend and Coos Bay in the cross hairs of a man-made or natural disaster or both.

Ask yourself this, if you are pro Jordan Cove is there personal profit in it for you? Will you get money for your role? Or are you that rare soul who honestly feels this is wise for our communities and have absolutely nothing to gain for your bank account. Why does it seem that those with the weakest argument need to scream the loudest?

Jeffery C. Eberwein

Coos Bay

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