Sometimes I read a letter to the editor that is so wrong it just takes my breath away. I am referring to the letter titled "Jordan Cove is anti-American." I needed a few days to absorb this incredible misstatement of fact.

The most glaring error was the writer's conviction that the natural gas sold is being sold to China. Right now, nearly all of the capacity of the project has been committed (when the permits are final) to Japan. I believe that I read of a very friendly trip to Japan by our president.

The next non-factual assumption by the writer is that all the natural gas sold will come from Canada. Coos County has had several visits from officials from Colorado oil fields hopeful that this projects will open new markets for their underutilized gas fields. I also read that the oil fields in North Dakota are burning off natural gas because they do not have a market for this byproduct of their oil fields. Here are two American suppliers that would benefit by a pipeline to Japan.

The third error is the writer's assumption the Jordan Cove has natural gas to sell. Jordan Cove is a transportation company. Jordan Cove will transport natural gas, for a fee, from American suppliers without prejudice.

I also object that the Jordan Cove Energy Project will (to paraphrase) destroy our countryside and despoil our water. With the safeguards built into the permit process this will not happen. This project also has the additional safeguard of nearly 15 years of investigation. All that can be asked has been answered.

These kinds of hysterical letters based on rumor and innuendo only serve to inflame the poorly informed. If it is in the paper it must be true right? The Jordan Cove Energy Project will not solve all our personal, business or public financial problems but it is a great first step. The Jordan Cove Energy Project will change our environment but not enough that the land can not heal.

Please visit "Boost Southern Oregon" website about the Jordan Cove Energy Project. Better yet join Boost Southern Oregon to voice your support for the project. It is free.

Dick Leshley

Coos Bay

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