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As the district attorney for Coos County. I am announcing that I am supporting Sheriff Craig Zanni to be re-elected as the Coos County Sheriff.

I have worked with Craig in a law enforcement capacity for a little over 28 years. Craig has the experience and leadership skills that we should expect in our sheriff. He is always willing to share his knowledge and experience. Craig is a valuable resource to Coos County law enforcement.

Craig is always willing to help. Several years ago, there was a homicide in North Bend. This tragic event occurred near a holiday. Most of the experienced investigators on the major crime team were out of town on vacation. I needed an experienced investigator to interview the defendant. I called Craig at his home, and he agreed to come and help. His interview of the defendant helped to obtain a proper conviction of the defendant for murdering his wife.

Craig is an excellent sheriff. Please join me in voting for Craig Zanni to be Coos County Sheriff in this upcoming election.

Paul Fraiser


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