I am writing this letter to try to correct something that I keep hearing over and over, and that is that Katy Eymann is a one issue candidate. True, Katy does not support the LIQUEFIED Natural Gas project, with good reason which she will explain to you if you ask.

However, Katy is much more than an LNG opponent. If you take the time to speak to her or go to one of her gatherings, you will find, as I have, that she is one of the most knowledgeable people I have encountered on a vast number of issues.

Katy understands the importance of our forests and fishing industries and will fight to protect them. Katy also understands the need for affordable housing and the need to find more family wage jobs. I believe with her vast experience and background she is the perfect person to help guide Coos County in the future.

Please take the time to check Katy out and join me in voting for her as Coos County Commissioner.

Barbara Dodrill


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