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I was a long-time mayor (six terms) on Oregon’s south coast, I’ve been a Port Commissioner for nearly 25 years, and I am a 38-year high school teacher. I am also a huge supporter of the proposed Jordan Cove LNG project. I understand both the direct and secondary benefits to our region’s economic well-being as well as the very real impact it will have to our region’s educational funding.

Jordan Cove will generate more than $5 million in tax revenue to Douglas County, money that we desperately need to support social services and our children. Timber receipts certainly aren’t filling the gap and education funding under the state’s equalization laws means that our tax dollars support Portland school children as well as our own. If you’re thinking that only a portion of that $5 million will go to schools, well, you’re right. But then ask your local teacher, one like me, how good they are at stretching every single dollar that makes it to their classroom and you’ll quickly realize that Jordan Cove’s money means more school supplies, new learning tools, science and art projects, field trips, career education and opportunity four our students here.

However, and more importantly to parents and students in coastal Douglas County, Jordan Cove has agreed to pay a community fee into the Community Enhancement Plan (CEP). Within the CEP concept is a fund called the South Coast Community Foundation, which will receive roughly $250 million in Jordan Cove fees that will go directly to school districts in Port Orford, Coos County, and coastal Douglas County. I am a board member for the South Coast Community Foundation and it is my pledge that the fund will not just help students in the short-term, but be a foundation that supports our schools indefinitely and fills the gap of lost timber receipts and our equalization dollars that end up in Portland. Our children will be the priority. Our children here in Coos, Douglas and (some of) Curry County.

These children, our children, deserve these opportunities, as do the generations who will follow after them. Please join me in voicing your support for Jordan Cove and talk about the direct benefits you and your family will see if they are granted permit approvals.

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Keith Tymchuk


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