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Jim Jochum is at it again. Telling us what I think while ignoring blatant evidence. The fact that GOP Senators refused to hear testimony or see documents that would make their acquittal decision even more preposterous, isn't innuendo, supposition and rumor. It is fact. His defense of our current overpriced and undercovered health insurance system compared to a bevy of other national systems is telling. Deriding student debt evades the cost differential between his education and today's.

Consumer debt has arisen in conjunction with oligopolistic price gouging, especially for necessary products. Many individuals are victimized although some overspend, lured by incessant advertising and crowd mentality.

After calling Adam Schiff stupid names (Schiff's eloquent case for impeachment will go down in history) he criticizes me for calling out some "rubes" and then goes on to define what they show themselves to be! It is not hard to identify the Fox nuts who are taken in by Trump's unacceptable 1,500+ lies.

Unfortunately, like many on the right, JJ abuses his vaunted freedom to fabricate, distort, muddy and smear. Apparently his college education was bereft of honesty and contextualization. No wonder he could afford it.


John Zimmerman

Coos Bay



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