David Kelly of North Bend's letter to you broke the dam on my letter writing about the LNG plant proposed for the North Spit. David took my shackles off and I must get my two cents in.

Big news happened this weekend to a Pac Northwest Co., Amazon, regarding placing a huge headquarters in NYC. Pro LNG letters writers have been tilting at this windmill, jobs on the North Spit, since I retired from the Nuclear Navy in 1992. It seems capitalism is as unwelcome in NYC as well as in Coos Bay. So now 25,000 jobs in a building on the water just became available.

By way of finding out who is who on all sides of the issue, may I suggest you publish a go get them jobs article to replace LNG on the North Spit ... then you can find out who the environmentalists really are. Are they really Greenies. are  they Green New Deal Socialists bent on the destruction of capitalism? Senator Merkely's name popped up in opposing jobs in Queens, NYC. My, my, Queens has been paved for 200 years, what environment will get hurt there? Or, does it not matter to Democrats that your grandchildren can score a job upon graduating high school.

The way of the 2016 election is looking more and more apparent every day. My bet the Democrats of Oregon can suffer the same fate.

John R. Hill

Coos Bay

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