Stop the hate, suicides and wars.

We are all connected. All human beings have similar needs and emotions. Behavioral science now proves that when any human being is angry or upset; their answers are within them. We are all connected to the environment, social, economic and political systems put in place before we had the internet, cell phones and languages apps that can now be used to co-create our new world healing and unity paradigm systems.

Whatever we focus on we help manifest. Time to focus on developing legislation for our new WPA heart and soul community services with a good basic guaranteed income with single payer for all with homes or apartments for all. New Healing Arts and Transformation Enlightenment Community Centers open 24/7; where people can go, whenever they are angry or upset to find their answers are within. Community Healing Arts centers that offer a plethora of local or international heart math institute classes, self-efficacy programs, body, mind spirit healing programs, family healing constellation jobs, music, art, movement therapies, soul therapies and intuitive guidance training programs, spiritual cinema circles, comedy therapy jobs, lightworker programs and jobs that help people find out why they are alive, who they really are and how to connect with their divine soul gangs to work with.

Community Healing Arts with Transformation Enlightenment Centers will help stop the violence, suicides, mass drugging, jailing and warring systems while healing 99% of those with mental health issues and addictions.

Time to unite humanity beyond race, religions, genders and political divides.

Aggressive ones can be taught and paid to do more sports not wars.

National security and public safety depend on our USA, Russia and China to unite to develop our new compassionate healing arts, sports and green community coalition infrastructure jobs and projects that resonate with the evolving consciousness of each individual, family and communities worldwide for world healing and unity services because we are all connected.

Lynn Mystic-Healer

North Bend

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