Did you know that your property can be put on the National Register of Historic Places without your consent?

Shocking, but that’s what is happening with the proposed Confederated Tribe’s TCP Historic District for every square foot of waterfront property on the bay. The TCP is for 1,565 properties; 26.025 square miles; 16,656 acres. That’s 1.44 percent of all of Coos County!

The waterfront is our livelihood. The economy of our area depends on it; it’s a key infrastructure component and ultimately why we live in the Bay Area. Transportation, commerce, recreation and even tourism in the Bay Area depend on the growth and viability of our waterfront.

Just think of the potential impact on our economy if all the waterfront is put on the National Register:

  • Business could be stifled, due to additional legal constraints;
  • Property values (for everyone) could decrease;
  • Private property decisions will no longer be yours;
  • What business we have might leave.

Not to mention the constraints this will have on clamming, oyster farming, crabbing and other recreational activities. The net is the economic impact to our area will be devastating. To cripple the economy of a community was not the original intent of the National Historic Preservation Act.

This will all take place May 10 if private property owners do not object. The only way to stop it is if greater than a majority (50%) of the private property owners submit objection forms to the state.

All the following have publicly objected, but they don’t count:

  • City of North Bend
  • City of Coos Bay
  • Coos County
  • Bay Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Port of Coos Bay
  • U.S. Coast Guard

It’s only the private property owners that count.

That’s why it’s important that your objection is heard. If you’re a private property owner on the TCP, I URGENTLY request that you contact the Coos Concerned Property Owners (CCPO) immediately. They have a walk-in office at 281 S. Broadway, Coos Bay or can be reached at (541) 808-0116. Even if you’re not on the list and object, please contact the volunteers at the CCPO and make your objection heard – the CCPO is capturing those objections too.

Object! Tell the state you DON’T want our bay put on the National Register of Historic Places.

Randy and Mary Jane Hargens

Coos Bay

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