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Congratulations to Mr. Sweet on his re-election as County Commissioner. Kudos also for his acknowledgement of campaign funding from the large company behind the proposed Jordan Cove LNG export terminal and pipeline (JC). Kudos as well for his political acumen in placing those contributions inside the patina of his support from the business community.

I write today in response to the post election propaganda that recently arrived in my mailbox from the company behind JC, and presumably behind the many political campaign contributions. It asks me to trust in the regulatory actions of government agencies. It asks me to trust the company to “partner” in community development once they get what they want.

Government is constantly under pressure to cut regulations and cut taxes. Regulations which are used to enforce and create regulations. “Business is in business to make money,” my father said. It is still true. Big business is also in business to get more and more money. Money obtained by buying and selling companies, cutting operational costs, cutting corners, going around moral or regulatory obstacles, and continuing to pay-off local communities once the political pressure has subsided and necessary permits obtained.

I just think it is naive and foolish to trust government and international big business when it comes to safety regulation enforcement, and especially when it comes to the financial aspects of community “partnering”.

Michael Krumper

North Bend

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