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Dallas Heard has refused to attend any forums with his opponent for State Senator SD1: Shannon Souza. As a result the Coos County League of Women Voters refused to seat Ms. Souza. In my opinion, Dallas Heard was cowardly. The Coos League’s cooperating with Dallas to keep her from being seen by the voters of Coos County seems of dubious ethics.

Dallas also ducked out of being seen on stage with Shannon in Curry County, but their LWV seated her. So did the Douglas County League. She set the people buzzing. She is brilliant, is truly passionate about bettering the lives of all in rural Oregon. She is creative and unconstrained by convention or party- exactly what is needed to have a big impact. She also just hung out with folks over a beer in an outdoor patio.

There was an amazing scene in the Gold Beach forum when David Brock Smith was asked straight-out if Shannon was qualified. After gulping and taking a breath he started with “Oh man, Dallas is going to be pissed...” and just went off on his admiration for Shannon. For Republicans who would react with criticism of David: he was trapped. Claiming that Shannon was not qualified to a room that had already listened to her would be as useful as claiming that it was a sunny day in the middle of a gale: the rain wouldn’t stop and people would conclude that you were a liar or had lost your mind. A lot of people gained respect for David that night.

Here is a video of what went down:

Curry County now loves her. Everyone wants her: realtors, housing advocates, environmentalists, timber folks, professionals, educators, builders, developers, retired.

I have been in real estate, timber, construction all my life and I am all in for her. It is time to come together for rural Oregon. It takes brains, originality, and real love for the people to get major things done for rural Oregon.

I can see no evidence that Dallas Heard as any of those attributes, let alone courage.

If I were Dallas’s campaign manager I would not let him go against Shannon either. The League should not have collaborated to keep the people of Coos County from meeting her and judging for themselves.

I’m splitting my ticket: Shannon Souza and David Brock Smith will be a hell of a team.

Flan Dalkey


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