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When people of Coos Bay defend the Jordan Cove project, they usually say merely three words before closing their ears to reason, and those words are “jobs jobs jobs!” Well, my job-addled neighbors, perhaps you should hear that the Jordan Cove terminal creates a lot of temporary jobs, but the 60 permanent ones will probably not go to anyone who already lives here — Canadian company and all that. They’ll hire out of San Francisco or Portland or just bring in their own folks from Canada.

If you would like to discuss jobs, though, perhaps have a chat with one of the 1,100 residents of Coos Bay whose businesses and jobs are directly supported by the nearly 70,000 tourists who visit our clean beaches and fish in our nearly pristine waters every year. If we have a big, ugly pipeline terminal and leaky, stinky LNG tankers, tourists won’t bother. They’ll go where the fish are abundant and the waters clean. They’ll spend their money somewhere other than Coos Bay.

So then, instead of plugging your ears and shouting “jobs jobs jobs!” as loud as you can, ask yourself these nine simple words instead:

“Are 60 pipeline jobs worth killing 1,100 tourism jobs?”

I think you’ll find that the answer is a resounding no.

Rachel M. Palmer

Coos Bay

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