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Institutional racism in America is thriving blatantly right under our noses.

Here are three examples: Margaret Sanger was an eloquent white supremacist and eugenicist, with public ties to both the KKK and Hitler’s Third Reich. As founder of Planned Parenthood, she wrote of her intentions to employ sterilization, birth control and abortion to reduce “the Negro population," as she called it.

Today, most of Planned Parenthood’s government-funded abortion clinics are in minority neighborhoods. As a result, some Black neighborhoods currently have more abortions than live births.

The clarion and inspirational “Dream” enshrined in our nation 57 years ago by Martin Luther King is now being undermined by government mandates requiring skin/ethnicity quotas in education, advancement and hiring. These racism-affirming reversals by local and national authorities are socially toxic to our nation.

Darwin’s unproven theory of evolution has been morphed into factual status by a century of educational indoctrination and lock-step scientific dogma. His original book cover trumpets “The Preservation of the Favoured Races,” wherein he details his belief that people with dark skin are inferior to Europeans in the “evolutionary ladder."

Quoting from his section on “The Descent of Man," he stated that, “The Western nations of Europe now so immeasurably surpass their former savage progenitors, that they stand at the summit of civilization ... The civilized races of man will almost certainly exterminate and replace the savage races through the world.”

I doubt your readers were taught in school that Darwin was a hard-core White supremacist, nor that his published racist theories were central to Sanger’s Eugenic vision in founding Planned Parenthood, and Hitler’s subsequent mass genocide of Jews and Gypsies. Darwin’s racist theories persist as a pernicious and deadly plague throughout the world.

Stan Avery



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