Recently I attended the League of Women Voter’s presentation offered at the Egyptian Theater, focusing on the Jordan Cove proposal for Oregon. We choose to attend these forums because they are educational and thought provoking, and provide a very reliable source of information relevant to our lives.

The League is not affiliated with any political party, and their membership is from all parties. They function on the national, state, and local level.

How does the League decide on which issues it will take a position? First, the League studies the issue. They perform in depth research and analysis of an issues effecting the nation, state, and our local area. In this case, this issue DOES effect not only Coos Bay, but four counties, our entire state and nation. We are not the only people who appreciate and cherish the Oregon Coast for its many treasures.

The League studied this issue for more than two years. They concluded that the project’s permit application did not adequately address the environment, economic, and cultural impacts, nor did they provide adequate justification to support approval.

The fact is we are dealing with a PUBLIC HEALTH ISSUE. It’s not partisan at all. It affects more than promised jobs. The presentation was factual and presented by local scientists with much credibility. Coos County needs jobs, but employment that will preserve and protect our lifestyles and health.

All of the information presented was factual. It was not propaganda. It was free and open to the public. Not like the Canadian company, Pembina, who has not been factual, has spent millions of dollars attempting to influence our county commissioners, businesses, private landowners, and made promises they cannot keep. Of course, they threaten to ultimately use eminent domain against landowners who refuse to sell them their land.

This is a project that should not occur in our area due to the multiple risks including earthquakes, tsunami, and destruction of our fishing industry, and most of all it will be a blight on our beautiful area and natural resources. All for profit to a foreign company, without the benefit of even natural gas to our area. This is a fossil fuel project, and a pollutant to our entire state. This is going backwards for this community.

Sylvia Mangan

North Bend

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