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The following information I found out by a friend is that the City Council was going to vote on a new $15 raise on our water bill for public safety with NO vote of the people. So I went to the meeting and gave them the following information: 

Coos Bay Police officers have only one more officer than North Bend does. NB has 5 square miles to cover, CB has 15.95 square miles (which is three times more than NB.) NB has a population of 9,695 citizens. CB has 15,967 citizens, making CB with 6,272 more citizens to serve.

When I finished giving these figures to the council, I asked them if they thought any were wrong. Mayor said no. Council said nothing. 

I asked about the chief of police, mayor replied, "I'll talk to him after the meeting." What I want to know is how you justify another $15 for public safety?

I then said I would hope you would put this up for public vote. When the council started talking about this, a councilman put a motion on the floor to raise it by $15, with NO public vote. The council discussed this back and forth for a few minutes. Then the chairman asked for a second to the motion, but the motion died. The same councilman made a second motion to put it up to voters and the council seconded it. And the same man said, "But they'll vote it down." So to this day, I have still not heard how they can justify nother $15 on the water bill — for public safety.

Since then, the voters of NB voted this down and since then, the council put another $15 on the water bill with NO vote of the people. Sorry to citizens of NB, but City Hall was closed and I was unable to get the dates of this meeting of the council. 

Gordon Lentz Jr.

North Bend


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