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The COVID crisis has shown us all how crucial it is to have competent individuals running our state government, regardless of party affiliation. 

Lincoln City Mayor Dick Anderson is an experienced leader we can depend on and I am supporting him for Oregon State Senate. Dick is a Republican who brings constructive solutions instead of more taxes to solve our ongoing socio-economic struggles with homelessness, affordable housing and small business sustainability. In Lincoln City, Dick was part of a public-private partnership to construct a new $45 million hospital that did not cost taxpayers any new taxes. This is resourceful thinking from a leader who needed to make improvements and got the job done. 

Dick will hinder the implementation and fight against the super-majorities illogical new tax proposals which would further decimate our communities. Our state government has more of our money than ever to waste, and like always, it has not come back to the Coast. 

In 2019, urban politicians passed a new Oregon sales tax which they refuse to postpone during the COVID crisis. Because the money-hungry politicians are refusing a tax deferment, our coastal families are being forced to pay even though their businesses are forcibly closed. Furthermore, with summer nearly upon us, did you know that we now must pay a kayak, canoe and paddleboard tax? The Governor came up with this heinous tax and it impacts every one of us 15 years of age and up. Pay the $5.00 per week tax or face a fine of $115.

Dick Anderson is exceptional. He will stand up to Governor Brown and the politicians who aimlessly follow her. He will refuse to accept their failed leadership, especially in difficult times like this. I urge you all to vote this election cycle. The only way our communities will thrive again is to end the super-majority polarization in Salem. Dick Anderson will bring balance and equality back to the State Legislature. Please join me in voting for Dick Anderson as our next District #5 State Senator.

Krysta Bert

Coos Bay


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