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This is in response to the person asking why gas prices in the local Coos Bay area are consistently higher than Florence and Reedsport.

He stated Florence was usually 30 cents cheaper and Reedsport was often 10 cents less. Having been a fuel tanker driver for one of the local gas companies, I believe I can answer his question.

The local companies have to pay the driver and transportation mileage to deliver the fuel. The "tank farms" as they are referred to by people in the business, are where the driver has to pick up the fuel for delivery to the various gas stations. The primary tank farm for our area is located on the NW end of Eugene. The alternate tank farm is located in the Portland area. It only takes a driver approximately one hour to deliver to the Florence area vs. 2 1/2 hours to our area.

It makes complete sense that the gas stations located closer to the tank farm would have cheaper gas than stations located farther away. It also makes sense that Reedsport would be more than Florence but less than the local Bay Area. What would not make sense is if the gas in Bandon was consistently less than the local area. I hope that helps explain the gasoline costs for those that may have been wondering.

Galen Lee

North Bend


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