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It appears Meg Smith thinks I was little hard on Sharon Ramirez about her article bashing President Trump and calling him a killer Klown and the new book called "Fire and Fury." Ms. Smith says I am a bully and a fascist because I pointed out the inaccuracies and fiction in Mr. Wolff's book, and the fact that liberals like Ramirez believe that garbage. I would like to ask Ms. Smith if it is OK that Ramirez called me a racist because I did not agree with Obama, and is it OK that Ramirez said that all gun owners were unpatriotic? Where were you, Ms. Smith, when John Zimmerman called all of the people in this area rural rubes, stupid, uneducated and other names because we voted for Trump. I guess it only bothers you when conservatives call out liberals for the offensive things they do and say.

I do feel a little sorry for liberals like Meg Smith and Ramirez because President Trump is succeeding. President Trump has done more for this country than any Democrat has ever done. The stock market is setting new high records every day and employment is at a record low of 4.1 present, not to mention the tax cut. When that kicks in, things are really going to get better yet! So all you little libs just keep throwing your little tantrums and calling Trump names, it just makes you look like little children. And I will just continue to be a conservative bully and point out when you are wrong! Oh yes, one more thing ... there is a saying, if you dish it out you had better to able to take it!

Phil Shellabarger