I hear this word often and it is getting out of hand.

It is affecting our very lives, our history, the "Confederacy."

These men and women fought for that they believed in and died for their beliefs.

Yet there are a few that say flying the Confederate Flag, or displaying certain monuments is racist. I could not disagree more.

Where is the courage of American people to stand and defend what is right and stop this movement in its tracks, and put a stop to the misused term of racist.

For the definition of racist is: "A belief that some races are by nature superior to others; discrimination based on such belief." The word, "racist" can, if you want, cover a lot of ground. For example, all monuments north and south, our own stars and stripes, and perhaps so much more. The word "racist" is like magma — it will consume anything in its path no matter what you may say, do or believe.

For this word can destroy a nation — our own.

So I say this: I believe in preserving history. All Confederate flags should fly proudly, all monuments honored, and all things that are the very foundation of my country preserved.

So if honoring an acknowledging history is racist, then I say so be it! Call me a racist.

Diana Johnson


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