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Although I don’t remember the name of the lady who wrote the article, “We are worried about LNG”, I fully support your position! Your part about your livestock; which you care so much for that you’re willing to fight for them, is truly admirable. It seems like it’s too late to stop this monster but maybe it’s not! It sounds like a horrific apocalyptic scene; for animals to just be incinerated as the pipelines blow. Also children and adults, elderly, disabled, and anyone else in its path will also be incinerated. I hope the big shots that are going to line their pockets will PROMISE to protect every single living creature within 10 miles of their “project”. And I hope the people that voted for it when they’re sitting in traffic behind the trucks that have these monstrous pipelines in them ... will be smiling at the trucks with their pipes knowing that they voted for it!

Kathleen Mccusker


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