I support and endorse Jessica Engelke for North Bend mayor.

I was elected to serve my community, the City of North Bend, as mayor in November 2002. My current term expires in November 2020.

When asked who I support for North Bend mayor, I answer Jessica Engelke. Jessica has two years of North Bend City Council experience, teaches business classes at SWOCC, grew up here, has the skill and will to bring youth and positivity to guide our city in an ever-changing future. She loves our city.

On a personal level, I find Jessica to be kind — above disrespect of others — yet assertive. She is a Bulldog and I have never favored 'CONSOLIDATION' as her opponent has in the past.

The latest round of endorsements for Jessica includes:

North Bend Professional Fire Fighters

Mark Mattecheck Back Alley Pub and Grill and North Bend Lanes

John Sweet Coos County Commissioner

Downtown North Bend Business Wildflour Café and Catering

Downtown North Bend Business Petal to the Metal Flowers

Eric Farm President - Farm Unlimited

Jessica's campaign is about moving forward and building the future together. She is proud to have the endorsements of such respected leaders, political figures and businesses owners in our community. In addition to their endorsements, she also has their ideas and collaboration to help move our community forward.

If you have questions or want more information about Jessica Engelke’s mayor campaign, email Electengelke@gmail.com.

Rick Wetherell

Mayor, North Bend



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