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Responding to Mr Phil Shellabarger’s letter of Oct. 28, 2018. I’m a proud Democrat because I’m not a Republican! You say Democrats are now the socialist party of hate, violence and mob rule. You should expand your horizons and stop getting all your information from Fox News, Hannity and especially Trump.

George Washington was said to have never lied. Trump, I believe, has never told the truth.

Democratic Presidents Roosevelt and Johnson gave us Social Security and Medicare. Trump and the Republicans want to cut these programs, so they can balance the budget after that big, trillion-dollar billionaire and corporate tax cut. Now that, Mr Shellabarger, IS socialism also known as corporate welfare.

Your Social Security and Medicare benefits will be cut or withdrawn just to pay for those tax cuts for the already wealthy. The Republicans have already increased our deficit and yet continue to blame it on entitlements. Sad.

I do like some republicans. You seem to dislike anyone with views that differ from yours. This is my opinion.

Phil Thompson

Coos Bay

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