In Coos County there is talk of using our Port and community as a hub for building and maintaining a major off-shore wind energy project near Eureka, Calif. It's a great idea that can bring family wage jobs to Coos County. These would be family wage jobs that support an environmentally clean and healthy activity that maintains our current way of life.

A UC Berkeley study of the project estimated 13,620 construction jobs 2020 thru 2050, and 4,330 sustainable jobs involved in getting to and maintaining the wind generators located 20 miles off the coast of Eureka. Most components would arrive by sea, while other parts could be fabricated locally. Turbines & floats assembled dockside. Finished units towed to sea and anchored with a supply chain established in Coos Bay.

I really hope this project goes forward, because it can provide the benefits promised in the Jordan Cove project, but it would not have any of the risks, legal environmental problems, or offensive eminent domain challenges of JCEP. It is economic development of a size that fits our current community, and could last for generations!

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Michael Krumper

North Bend

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