We keep seeing these ads on prime time T.V. where an older man named Richard Stroud says he used to fish and hunt in Coos County and that he supports Jordan Cove because they will create spawning ground for Coho Salmon. Then beautiful pictures are shown of clear water and salmon swimming around. In doing a little researching I have found that his home on Kentuck Inlet is vacant and up for sale. Hmmm, he is no longer living in Coos County and I can't help but wonder if the Jordan Cove pipeline coming through the Kentuck Inlet in front of his home is such a wonderful idea, why has he moved out and why is his large property and home up for sale. Also, my husband and I used to work with an O.D.F.W. biologist when we lived in Allegany. We had salmon and steelhead hatch boxes on our property as Marlow Creek is a spawning ground. They spawn in gravel beds in fresh flowing water, not in mud or brackish waterways. I hope people will think critically about what Pembina is publishing and portraying.

Donna Tyler

North Bend

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