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I hear we are having a government shutdown. Something about a dispute over building a wall along our southern border. What a waste of taxpayer dollars. Governor Tom McCall once said, "Come to visit but don't stay." But no one paid any attention to him. And now we want to put up a wall? It is much too late for that now. Kind of like closing the barn door after the horse got out. The Californians are already here!

In his latest letter to the editor, Wim de Vriend reported, after meticulous research, that there are numerous LNG plants operating in the United States including one in Boston, Massachusetts. During the entire time of their operations, there has been only one accident, back in the 1940's. Really Mr. de Vriend? Was that your intended message? Until your latest letter, everyone thought you were against Jordan Cove Energy Project!

Speaking of JCEP, if it will add $60 million in property tax revenue to Coos County, then maybe a little will trickle down to the County Road Department. As anyone who lives on a gravel road maintained (or should I say not maintained) by the Coos County Road Department can attest, the potholes are getting pretty deep around here. How deep are they? We looked in the bottom of a pothole on our road the other day and finally found Jimmy Hoffa!

And another thing, who decided to play gotcha games with the speed limit signs in North Bend? Heading southbound on Highway 101, the speed limit drops from 55 mph to 45 at the Haynes Slough Bridge. Then, it drops to 35 at the northern base of McCulloch Bridge. Passing under the "Welcome to North Bend" sign, the speed limit changes to 30 mph. A little past the fake sailing ship, it drops to 20 mph. Around the corner past the other fake sailing ship, back up to 35 mph. Then 45 mph as you go by the big log pile. What's up with the herky-jerky driving? Tourists think we're crazy.

Come to think of it, the crazy speed limit signs went up right after Oregon legalized marijuana. That explains a lot right there!

Paul Chantiny

North Bend

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